We had the privilege to plan the wedding for Jeremy and Yulia in Aurland, and what a beautiful and dreamy wedding it was.

My wife and I decided that we wanted to be married in Norway. It was where my grandparents came from and both of us have always wanted to go there and see the country.  I’m from the USA and my wife is from Ukraine, so if we’d decided to do the wedding in one of our home countries it probably would have been easier to plan, but trying to plan a wedding in a 3rd country that neither of us had ever been to was a huge task and we didn’t know where to start. Luckily we found Thomas and Anita, and they were a godsend.

Beautiful couple getting married at the top of Aurlandsfjellet

After talking with Thomas, he gave us some different options to choose from so that we could do some research and decide where we’d like to go. Without his guidance we would have never found Flåm or have decided to get married there. Deciding on that location alone was one of the best choices we made for the wedding – the area was beautiful and our friends and family loved it.

Anita helped us plan all of the details.  She was great to work with and very patient.  There was more than a few times that we decided on something and then had to change it because we learned about something else.  It never bothered her, and she was happy to help. I was able to call her and discuss items I wasn’t sure about and get her perspective, and that really helped during the planning phase. She even came to Flåm the day of the wedding to make sure everything went smoothly.

Beautiful couple getting married at the top of Aurlandsfjellet

When the day of the ceremony came everything was ideal.  My wife, who had been slightly nervous with not knowing exactly what to expect was amazed that it was so beautiful.  I don’t think I’d ever seen her so happy. On Thomas and Anita’s recommendation we had decided to have our ceremony on a mountainside, overlooking the fjord, not far from Stegastein. The view would take your breath away – it was the perfect wedding location and we’d never have found it without their help.

Thomas officiated the ceremony in his bunad on what I think was the hottest day of the summer.  Even so, it didn’t phase him, or at least he didn’t let it show (though my wife and I felt a bit guilty for making him wear it the whole day).  He’s a great speaker and I’d highly recommend his services. He ran a wonderful ceremony and my wife and I cannot thank him enough!

Beautiful couple getting married at the top of Aurlandsfjellet

After the ceremony we headed back to the hotel to cut the cake (actually 3 cakes).  We had a traditional wedding cake, but also kransekake and bløtkake. The decorations and details were perfect – the kransekake even had American and Ukrainian flags along with the Norwegian ones.

Later in the evening we sat down for dinner and my wife couldn’t stop talking about how great the decorations were and how delicious the food was. My wife had sent me a picture of what she wanted, which I’d shared with Anita. Anita had taken that, and improved on it 100%. We couldn’t have been happier.

Beautiful couple getting married at the top of Aurlandsfjellet

If you need help planning your wedding, or if you want your wedding to turn out better than you ever could have hoped, I recommend having Thomas and Anita help you. They truly are experts in weddings. They’ll listen to what you want, they’ll be patient, make recommendations, and in the end you will be elated with the results. Thomas and Anita – thank you again for the great wedding experience that you gave us!

All the best
Jeremy & Yulia Hjelmeland
Aurland Wedding 2019

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